September 27 2010

Caffeine in Pregnancy

by Nathan Fujita

From ACOG Committe Opinion 462, August 2010: Moderate caffeine consumption of less than 200 mg per day does not appear to be a major contributing factor in miscarriage or preterm birth. Caffeine Content of Foods and Beverages Food and Beverages Milligrams of Caffeine (Average) U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, 2000. Coffee (8 oz) Brewed, drip 137mg Instant 76mg. Tea (8 oz) Brewed 48mg Instant 26-36mg. Caffeinated soft drinks (12 oz) 37mg. Hot cocoa (12 oz) 8–12mg. Chocolate milk (8 oz) 5–8mg. Candy Dark chocolate (1.45 oz) 30mg. Milk chocolate (1.55 oz) 11mg. Semi-sweet chocolate (1/4 cup) 26-28mg. Chocolate syrup (1 tbsp) 3mg. Coffee ice cream or frozen yogurt (1/2 cup) 2mg.

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